Oh you want to be different? How original!

by elizabethfcoates

Dear Salmons,

I admit it, I’m a killjoy. When I see posts about “being yourself” or “dare to be different” my blood pressure rises. Why? Because the irony here has shot itself, despite being an iron bullet, and is meant to be friendly fire.

How can you tell people what to do? If this had an advisory tone to it, then I would understand. You can advise people to be themselves, but you can’t order it. For them to be themselves, they have to come to their own conclusions about who they want to be.

And if it is to ‘follow the crowd’, don’t be hypocritical and mock them for being in the ‘dare to be different’ cool crowd.

I have always tried to be myself, to never short change myself, for in my view I will fail in what I truly want to do, and must do, thus making myself and others unhappy. To not judge others is much harder than people make out to be.

I mean, I am being judgmental myself, attacking those who preach ‘dare to be different’.

We all judge. We can’t tell each other to not judge, not allow ourselves to be judged and be ourselves all the time – it’s impossible, for we judge them to be failing in those areas. How judgmental.

Instead, how about we just accept that we all judge and we are judged, and use the judging skill for better? Can we all make the sane judgment that it’s not for people to decide whether two men or two women can marry, and it’s far more important for us to ask why we squabble about things that simply do not matter.

It’s like trying to swim through a weir, salmons!

Why do we not judge that we should concern ourselves with the close to home problems, instead of trying to throw money at internationally known conflicts like Syria? What about the elderly woman down the road who doesn’t see anyone all day? Can you visit her? Heck, even those who appear fine may need your help.

We could all benefit with a little less judgment and a lot more love in the world.

Peace. Keep swimming, Salmons.