Hitting Pride Rock; Careful how you raise your Simba to the Sun

by elizabethfcoates

Dear Salmons,

I would assume you’re very familiar with the story of the Lion King. If not, I would recommend you watch it, it’s the best adaptation of Hamlet ever.

Well, it is. Hamlet Junior is Simba, Hamlet Senior is Mufasa and Claudius is Scar. If you wish to indulge your Lion King/Shakespeare/innocent curiosity, here is the essay on it. Disney took an ageless story and made a similarly ageless film. Recycling at its finest…not to mention Shakespeare took it from Plato.

So, the point of mentioning the Lion King? Bankers.

Yes, really.

The world market reminds me of the film The Lion King. The time of Mufasa is the time following the Dotcom boom; everything was growing, peaceful, wonderful…everyone was confident it was going to last forever. But no one noticed Scar selling sub-prime mortgages in the shadows; out of sight, out of mind.

But then trouble began to brew. Debt began to catch up on us all, and Simba traipsed a little too far away from what was safe with Nala on tow. Zazu tried to stop them, but it was soon too late.

Simba almost never became King, as the Wildebeast (that’s us, the consumers) heard that Northern Rock and Lehman Brothers were on their way down, and we stampeded down that valley, unmindful that we ran over the man who brought us that economic growth in the first place.

Simba was bundled away, like an economic refugee, and we bought into Scar, thinking he could save us with his austerity measures. But the Pride Lands dried up, didn’t they? Nothing could grow, because he was not the master of the lands, and the animals of the Pride Lands left, leaving only angry lionesses snarling about their wage cuts and Big Society cake sales.

Nala had to fetch Simba to return and restore faith in what was a failed state. Timon (named after a Shakespeare character – keep up!) and Pumba tried to convince him to not leave – the voices of apathy when change to the better seems impossible.

Simba has to travel a long way after taking much convincing to make his way to Pride Rock, to bring down the forces of deception, of political mist and unnecessary fear over debt.

In the film, Simba won. Simba managed to save the Pride Lands and restore the economy, so to speak. But too many people raise a Simba to the sun and claim they have the solution in their hands. They can save the country. They know the secrets. Even the Pope probably rolls his eyes muttering, “They take this a bit seriously…”

We should always be wary of Hubris, especially when everyone seems to have the answer. Be the smart one, and accept you may be wrong. Accept that your idea may not work, and try be happy about it.

Trying to kid yourself only makes thing worse. An economy needs a solid base of happy fools who will continue to throw money at the right things. And even in recession, it’s not like what our grandparents went through, where they boiled rags to eat; the government is able to pick us up. The recession is not in our wallets, it’s all in our heads.

Scar might be just as good as Simba; the lionesses only believed in Simba, however, as did the other animals, so the Pride Lands dried up.

Keep swimming Salmons; even if there appears to be no water, just believe there is. You’ll be fine.


See? Imagine some money, there is money!