This is the beginning of the quest :)

by elizabethfcoates

I hope he succeeds! 🙂

The Random Musings of a University Student

Hello and good afternoon to all the people reading this, my name is Sam and I am on a quest. I am a magical knight in a modern land seeking the treasure of my graduation. Let me break it down and let me be honest, I am an epileptic and in one of my recent exams I had a seizure, because of this I have to resit it and will not graduate until November.

This made me cry.

Then I felt tired, then my girlfriend cheered me up with funny voices and her beautiful eyes. Over the course of the next 6 months i.e. when I am allowed to graduate I intend to fill in this blog documenting my journey on this quest, during this time I will lose weight, write about my week in this blog and try and paint things (I like paintings) and I want to learn…

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