The Gospel Lie – Part 1

by elizabethfcoates

It was nearly two thousand years ago that The Great Lie was first told. And that Lie lied itself from a virgin in Bethlehem – the birth of Jesus Christ. Strictly speaking, of course, it is not exactly a lie. All the best ones are never so. A lie cannot survive for this long without it being as fluid as a snake in water.

Question: But how did a virgin give birth?

Answer: Ah, but she was blessed by Him with a mission to deliver us our saviour.

Question: Yet how is it a blessing for an unmarried couple to be expecting in a highly religious society?

Answer: He moves in mysterious ways, we must not question him, I pray for you, etc.

What this story will explain, is how the smoke clouded the mirror, where the smoke came from and how a district full of poor uneducated Jews came to even have a mirror shone upon their faces.

In writing, a companion read over my shoulder. I do not blame him for his curiosity, but I feel myself edging out of the garden, exposed to the glare of the desert. It has begun! He is coming for me! My companion squinted at the word “Lie”. He sensed my fear over the content. What a fool I am for writing this blasphemy! I could feel the edges of the fig leaf…I tensed, waiting for damnation…he pulled away, and laughed at my poor handwriting. I relaxed. But my sinful body is sun burnt from exposure, and all can see the rash of shame.Image

Most people, like my companion, would have a healthy disregard for religion. Whatever has it done for us? It limits access to alcohol, sex and a decent amount of privacy. Yet in simply disregarding it, like a snake it continues to creep ever closer…it takes an educated person to be a bigot, to either stand up for or against religion, and not all animals were created equal with a big ego and even bigger mouth.

To return to our snake in the water, how can I capture he who allegedly began our story, and crucify him as our a martyr? Our temptress dying for our foolery? What if someone thought to be omnipresent and pure has been playing games with us, taking our finest weapon, desire, and leaving us defenceless to his might? We are now unable to listen to our own rationality, only another’s insanity.

I’m afraid I want to talk about God.

Sorry, I meant, just ‘God’. Not ‘the God’. We shall come to that later. The concept and the being God are different entities. To illustrate this to you, the God who ordered us out of Eden, His work was recorded in the book of truth, The Bible. We had disobeyed God, particularly Eve, of woman, who was seduced by the snake and took the apple. Considering He made Adam and Eve, he didn’t seem to like them very much, or not understand telling humans not to do something leads to the opposite. He appears to be an appalling Father. Therefore, to discipline us, He sends us out into the real world, like we all do with children, and repent our sins.

But what if He isn’t God? What if the real test was not to avoid some certain forbidden fruit, but in fact to survive without His hand reaching in to protect us from the ravages of the world? There is the God that loves us, not the God who castigates us.*

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves! I believe the time is as ripe as those apples to pick the truth He does not want us to pluck. Shall we part the fig leaves and step into where it began – Bethlehem?

For simplicity’s sake, we shall ignore historical accuracy, and assume the Bible to be an allegory, as many modern Christians are happy to accept. So much for truth…

Therefore, to set the scene: The Bible is correct in claiming Mary and Joseph were betrothed to be married. It is also correct in that they were in Bethlehem at the time of Jesus’ birth. However, the events in between are documented incorrectly.

Only one man ‘rules’ our world. All men and, indeed, in a private way so do women, think they are Kings and Queens of their own over-estimated world. But they’re wrong. All of us answer to his whim because of our weakness. Apparently, in being so weak, we must be guided by His hand. A bailiff repossesses your house? You curse him and exact revenge by damaging his house. Yet he also prays to God for forgiveness, and as do you when you see his homeless children and wife. You both cry to the heavens for forgiveness. It is utterly within His power whether Father will punish his Children or not. How merciful He is when you are forgiven! And all the more so when the doctor attends to a sick child. The doctor takes the risk with a new treatment to heal the child. The child recovers! It’s a miracle! All praise Him! The child dies anyway? It is God’s will, and doctors are useless anyway.

Every moment of weakness, from pricking a finger on a piece of paper to smashing a valuable vase to devastating a country with nuclear weapons leads to the afflicted subject to cry to Him for forgiveness out of injured pride, shame and regret. Clearly He has the unreserved right to judge us all. Treat others as you wish to be treated. We do well to remember that.*

There was a man who had many houses. He was referred to as such, with either fear or admiration. Every word, every action, every thought had ripples spreading from His being. Few had seen Him let alone met Him, and remained alive, yet His presence was strong. When you bought bread, when you lit a lamp, even when you bribed an official somewhere He was watching, and each decision attracted his judgment. If you displeased Him, your bread was stale, your lamp spilt oil and the official arrested you anyway. As you know, he was known as God.